Welcome to Taxi Alink, your transport in this region

At Taxi Alink transportation isn’t merely from A to B.
If you have special wishes feel free to let us know when booking a fare, almost anything is possible.
Every taxi is equipped with free WiFi and your fare can be paid both by debit and creditcards.

Our motto; we keep our appointments, shows in the following:

  • The taxi will arrive at the agreed time;

  • The taxi will follow a route specified by the client if desired;

  • Almost anything is possible;

  • Honesty is policy;

  • Active on several social media;

  • Fair prices on all rides.

If you wish a quotation feel free to press the button below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Or give us a call at:

Tel: 0031(0) 344 700232



We drive the Skoda Supurb and the Skoda Superb combi, spacious and luxurious well maintained cars

Free WiFi for our customers

Fixed fare prices are possible for our regular customers, afterpay included

Fixed fare rates to all Airports in the Netherlands, Belgium and Germany

Fares available all over the Betuwe

Debitcard and creditcard payment possible in each Taxi